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“It’s practically difficult to escape the pressures of modern life, including demanding deadlines, several commitments at home and work, and the constant need to manage time. On the other hand, the idyll of childhood never ceases to fascinate me since I feel we must retain the child within us—the “immortal sea” of creativity. Even though I am a full-time professor and researcher with little spare time for creative writing, I always answer the call of my creative self and write whenever I can. It is refreshing and liberating to overcome the numerous distractions of daily life that stand between my creative self and me. I believe it is never too late to be a poet or writer. The ‘sunny pleasure dome’, ‘caves of ice’, and everything else that is ‘larger than life’ is right there at the opening of the ‘magic casements’, inviting us all. We simply need to be mindful of the creative child—the artist within us. To reach for the stars, you must be creative.

Munazza Yaqoob
(Founder, The Executive Editor)
(Postdoc, North Carolina University Wilmington, USA)

(Associate Professor of English and Founding Director of the Critical Thinking Forum (CTF) at the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Dr Munazza Yaqoob holds a PhD in “Developing Creative Thinking: A Cognitive Approach to the Teaching of English Literature.” She formerly held the positions of Director of the Institute of Professional Development (IPD) and Chair of the English Department, IIUI).


         In the summer of 2021, a group of friends set out to launch Gentle Visitations, a literary magazine for English-language literary writing.  The path then appeared challenging because Urdu creative writing has a strong presence in Pakistan’s literary landscape owing to a large number of renowned authors and poets. Due to its receptiveness to shifting geopolitical, cultural, literary, and aesthetic trends, Urdu writing has retained its remarkable vigour since the nineteenth century. In contrast, Anglophone literary texts have a relatively small readership despite their triumph on the global literary scene since the turn of the millennium….



(PhD English, International Islamic University, Islamabad) She loves literature and linguistics alike. She loves to create teaching learning material for young learners. When she is not occupied with her duties, she loves penetrating the depth and mystery of the human soul and its relation with the cosmos and the creator. Even in dismal times, she retains a never-failing principle of hope, faith, and love which she wants to share with the younger generation.


(Poet & Author) Having spent more than two decades presenting the Evening News and hosting programs on State Television, she has now delved into the beautiful world of Art. As she is a poet and author as well, her favourite moments are spent merging poetry onto canvas and vice versa. To be able to translate a poem into a visual representation is her passion, and her palette of words, feelings and colours merge together to keep the essence of creativity alive.


(Pakistan’s leading English broadcaster, Poet) Mazhar’s services on Television and radio span over two and a half decades. He is a recipient of the coveted Presidential award besides many national awards and decorations and a published poet whose work has been critically acclaimed. Mazhar pursues broadcasting and poetry as a passion. As a public health professional, he has worked in the Federal Government in various capacities. He has been honoured to represent Pakistan five times at the United Nations. Mazhar loves to travel extensively and explore nature and cultures. He thinks we can overcome most of our problems by getting to know each other better and working in harmony to improve the many of the disadvantaged. He is an animal lover and believes the planet would be better if we were kind and respectful towards non-human beings. Long drives and reading are his favourite pastimes.


(Assistant Prof. (English), International Islamic University Islamabad) She is an academic by choice and loves encouraging young creative minds to become independent, strong-willed and self-assured individuals. An avid reader, and art and literature lover, she is passionate about exploring indigenous cultures and traditions and strongly advocates social justice. Writing, she believes, can play a pivotal part in creating a more informed, just, bright and beautiful world.


(PhD English, Royal Holloway University of London, UK). Although she is now seen as part of the serious academic world, in her other life, she is a nature-lover listening to rustling leaves and soaking up the ethereal sunlight that peeks through the corners. She is an aesthete who satiates herself with all things artistic, poetic, musical, and of course, literary and intellectual. She likes possibilities and imagining things better than they really are.

Meet K. (Digital Editor, Executive)

(Founder BORNN'BREWED, Finance Associate) Khunsha is an ambitious creative marketer who finds delight in creating and editing compelling digital content. The winding back roads of the small town where she was raised seem to run through her blood. As a basketball player, she learnt not only to dribble and target the ball on point but was cultured to stay focused. This has enabled her to work with different organisations, enhancing her proficiency as a finance associate, writer, editor and content manager.


(Chief Executive Officer) Umer, a passionate young chap who has been a part of start-up ecosystem for past five years. Working with different organization within various fields have made him capable enough to adapt to every environment, now adding literature too. He has that Good eye for design with a strong attention to detail and accuracy and determination to achieve exceptional results. His expertise focuses on making creative notions and attainable solutions, providing strategic ways of bridging ideas to execution.

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